What is it?

Genesys Framework is a Free open-source .NET solution

That centralizes your objects for cross-platform full-stack reusability and CRUD operations

Your business objects and screen models, such as CustomerInfo and CustomerModel, will reside in a central solution. Apps can now use your business objects for CRUD to SQL and CRUD to HTTP, like:

customer.Read(x => x.FirstName == "John")

customer.Create(), customer.Update() and customer.Delete()

  • Reusable data access objects eliminate duplication
  • Less code means less maintenance and faster runtime
  • Reusable code requires less attention as it settles
  • Fewer changes reduces breaking-changes in your app

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Genesys Source Framework. for MVC Visual Studio Solution

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CustomerInfo class in MVC, UWP, WPF, and Json

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See the Genesys Framework basic CustomerInfo template in action:

⇒ Genesys Framework for MVC
⇒ Genesys Framework for Web API
⇒ Genesys Framework for WPF
⇒ Genesys Framework for Universal

Reusability brings consistent behavior to all of your apps, services and libraries. Invest early and get RoI for the life of your product.

See the Framework for MVC demo

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Genesys Source Framework comes pre-assembled to get you building objects quickly. Uses standard .NET technologies for minimal learning curve.

  • Projects pre-wired and pre-configured as a Visual Studio Solution Template
  • Data access plumbing work is already done
  • Objects self-validate, self-serialize, self-track activity and self-log exceptions
  • Simply find-and-replace the connection string, publish the database project, and run!

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Genesys Source Framework in Visual Studio

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Genesys Source Framework in Visual Studio

Ready-to-Run .NET solution gets you building reusable objects today

Genesys Source Framework comes pre-assembled to get you building objects quickly. Uses standard .NET technologies for minimal learning curve.

  • Write one reusable framework stack with many apps consuming your framework
  • Apps consume the same business rules and validation, regardless of web or mobile
  • The same code, business rules and objects, such as CustomerInfo, consumed by all of your apps.

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Our Developer Commitment

We at Genesys Source believe coders should be doing what they love...coding.

Dev tools are often needlessly cumbersome and time-consuming. Genesys Source is on a mission to give you the best developer experience possible that is:

Easy to understand

Genesys Framework is a .NET solution with pre-setup projects for:

MVC  | Web API  | WPF  | Universal

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Easy to download and use

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Working first time, every time

Unit-test projects catch bugs as early as possible.

Iterative cycles to prioritize issues important to you.

Open-source transparency.

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